Friday, 13 May 2011

A Difficult Week

It has not been a good week. It has been a struggle to get out of bed in the morning. It has been a struggle not to walk out of work, never to return. It has been even more of a struggle not to just sit down, crumpled to the floor, letting the world pass by behind closed eyes. The temptation of total resignation has been hard to ignore.

I say this only to emphasise the amount of emotional brute force required to cajole me into doing any running. The workouts that I managed were painful and unpleasant. It's weeks like this where I feel as unfit and unhealthy as when I first started running. The morale is at a particularly low point.

These are the conspiring factors in this bugger of a week. My gall stone ridden stomach is number one on the list. Most of the time it's like having an annoying stitch ALL THE TIME. The only change to this are the periods of intense pain triggered by the wrong sort of food or too much of it. This means that mealtimes are a sort of Russian Roulette where the loser gets an excruciatingly sore tum. Most of the time I manage it pretty well but sometimes, tasty snacks get the better of me and I suffer the consequences.

The other buggery things are my insomnia and the ever present summer killer: hayfever. Usually, these things rear their ugly heads separately but as fate would have it, they have ganged up on me this last week.

To conclude: it's been a bad week of running and general health. The bad guys have definitely won this round. But, if I can drag myself out of this quagmire of tiredness I'll be right as rain soon enough.

P.S. Sorry about the moan but it's important to capture the bad times. It'll make the good times seem much more... gooder.


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