Monday, 12 April 2010

It's Now or Never

Last week was my first week back to full training after being injured. Unfortunately, I had to work an extra shift so my Wednesday run had to be cancelled. On Thursday I ran a race pace 5.72 miles at 9.22 min/mile. This pace was hard work and it felt like I was on the edge of what I’m physically capable of. I am slightly doubtful of whether I could keep it up over a half-marathon. We shall see.

My Friday run was a hill session. I ran slowly for one mile and then ran up and down the hill that I hate three times. I was expecting this to be really hard but it was actually quite easy. Looking back on it I should have done it a few more times. A longer hill might be more effective to my overall fitness.

The Saturday was my long run. I ran round Llyn Brenig, a very nice route of 9.26 miles. My pace was 10.10 min/mile which was approximately what I was aiming for. I ran each mile then walked for a minute which was a nice system for me and allowed me to keep hydrated in the heat. It was about 16 degrees Celsius which is hotter than I’m used to but I drank each mile and consumed 1500ml of water throughout. It was also the first run that I used gels to keep my energy up. The orange Lucazade gels gave me a real boost taken at 30 and 60 minutes and they did not disagree with my stomach in any way. One more will be required for the half-marathon distance. I felt pleasantly tired afterwards but not uncomfortably so. My legs and feet were stiff but that passed by the next day. I am very pleased with this run.

On Sunday I ran an easy 5 miles with my dad. My pace was 10.47 min/mile and was very comfortable. This was an extremely enjoyable recovery run and it was nice to have some company. I cross-trained on Friday and Sunday using the cross trainer and rowing machine at the gym. In addition to this I did some strength training focusing predominantly on the core muscles. I am hoping that this will improve my running form. Overall, it was a very productive week. The next two weeks are vitally important in my preparation for the Leeds Half. I need to control my weight, complete every session with focus and intensity; and avoid any injuries. This is my updated schedule for the last month of training. Here’s hoping it all goes well.


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