Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Back On The Road With A Plan

Firstly, I have some good news. Through my recovery running last week I think (touch wood) that my hamstring strain has fully repaired itself. On the downside I think my fitness has suffered a little but it’s important that I motivate myself to build it back up. I am very excited to get back on the road and I don't want to get demoralised by a slight dip in performance. In three months I have gone from struggling to run one mile at 12 min/mile to running eight miles at 9.5 min/mile. I have run a total of 141.07 enjoyable and fullfilling miles. There is nothing to be demoralised about. I have come quite a long way.

I was also going to do a 10k race at about this point in my training but I have decided against it. Due to my injury I have already missed two long runs. These are an important keystone in my preparation and I think it would be a mistake to miss another one in favour of a race. I feel a bit sad at not doing a shorter race but I also feel I need to concentrate on the longer runs before the tapering period in my training. 13.1 miles is still a long way.

My aim is to complete the Leeds Half Marathon in about two hours. To do this I must capitalise on every advantage in the last month of training. As a consequence I will further reduce my calorie intake down to 1300 per day. This is in an effort to lose as much fat as possible before race day. This will be difficult but will be beneficial to my performance.

During my period of rest I have come up with a long run and race plan (see below) that I think might be useful. I know this is a bit obsessive but I do like a good plan.



Normal weather: hydration belt, water, three gels, camera, phone, hat, sunglasses, ipod, map.
Inclement or unpredictable weather: camelback, coat, extra top, water, four gels, camera, phone, hat, gloves, windbreaker, map.


Disposable top, disposable poncho, belt pack, hat, gels, keys, bank card.

Race bag: sports drink, Snickers, trousers, jumper, small towel, disposable poncho, safety pins, marker pen, socks.


In car: complete change of clothes and shoes, two towels, hot drink, sports drink, food, water, deep heat, ibuprofen, blanket, insulating blanket, book.


Note – Piss as often as possible.
T-03.00: Breakfast – muesli & milk/one slice of brown bread with jam/banana or apple/500ml water.
T-02:40: Shave, moisturise and dress according to the weather.
T-02.00: Pack equipment, fill water and pack lunch.
T-00.30: Warm up for 10 minutes and stretch (incorporated into training runs).
T-00.15: Prepare for run.


0600: Get up and shower and shave. 500ml sports drink.
0630: Eat breakfast & water.
0700: Drive to the race. Toilet.
0800: Race registration. Toilet.
0845: Warm up and keep
0900: Last toilet stop
0915: Line up to race.


0-1 miles = 10 min/mile.
1-7 miles = 9.5 min/mile.
8-12 miles = 8.5 min/mile.
12-13.1 miles = 7 min/mile.

Average pace: 8.9 min/mile.
Time: 1 hour and 57 minutes.


Immediately walk/jog for 10 minutes then stretch and take on fluids.
T+00.20: Get warm if possible. Keep moving.
T+00.45: Eat within one hour. Keep moving.
T+01.00: Begin journey home if at a race.


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