Thursday, 28 October 2010

2 Days To Go

My legs really ached this morning. Thankfully the dreaded knee was fine and I was looking forward to see how it would cope today. Stage two, if you will. My intention today was to run an easy four miles. I don't want to knacker myself but I also want to challenge the injury a bit to see if it holds up. It is proving to be a fine balance to tread.

The four miles today went pretty well. My legs were a bit stiff but the knee held up. I am aware of a slight bit of discomfort on the outside of the knee but not the acute pain I was feeling last week. Now that I've got through these two test runs1 I feel that I am ready to commit to at least starting the marathon.

I have bought all my pre and post race supplies and nutrition and am ready to have a complete day of rest tomorrow. I am going to the race registration tomorrow to pick up my race number and to scope the place out. This will makes things a bit easier on race morning. Other than that I am going to try and keep off my feet and eat loads of stuff.

I can't believe that I might be able to pull this off. So excited!


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