Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I've Broken It

So, I rested my right hamstring for a couple of days hoping that I could resume my running on the Wednesday. I kind of knew that it wasn’t better but went out for a three mile run anyway. This was not a good idea but I kept on thinking that I could somehow run it off. Unfortunately, I ended up hobbling through the last two miles and could hardly walk for the rest of the evening.

I am now officially injured. For the first time in my life I want to run but can’t. There’s a sick sort of pride in my first injury. Firstly, it proves I am “A Runner” and secondly, it shows that I am pushing my body to and beyond its physical limit. This is stupid, of course. I don’t want to be pushing my body to breaking point but it is quite nice to find that limit. Now I know it’s a proper hamstring strain I can come up with a proper recovery plan.

First off, I joined a gym on Thursday. Bodyz in Prestatyn is a strange gym and the only one I have joined with a hot dog and chips stand right outside the door. There is also a McCain chips vending machine!? I have never seen one of those before. So, not good places if you like chips and want to lose weight. Anyway, it should suffice for my needs. In the long run I want to use the gym for proper cross training and to strengthen my core muscles and legs. This should prevent future injuries, speed up fitness gain and weight loss and keep things varied.

My recovery plan is as follows. I did some light cross training on Thursday and Saturday and completely rested my legs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I will try a one mile easy run on Wednesday. If that goes well I will run two miles on Thursday then rest on Friday. If all is well I will then run three miles on Saturday and four miles on Sunday. If the injury surfaces again I will have to go to a sports physiotherapist.

So for now it’s just a matter of fingers crossed and hope for the best. I do miss running though.


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