Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Happy Misery of Rain

Having had a lovely and quite lazy day it was time to get my game face on for a five mile run. I decided to run as the sun set to darkness and as the clouds started to darken with an intent of oncoming rain. Head torch and raincoat packed in my waist pack, I headed out.

The first couple of miles were pretty straightforward. Then the rain started. You know where you are with some sorts of weather. This was comfortably in the category of a light storm. The wind made going fast a virtual impossibility. However, I always like running when the conditions are bad. It makes me feel tough. I like to imagine what the drivers of the passing cars are thinking of this crazy bedraggled figure stumbling up the road in the pitch black.

A note on new gear: my inov8 waist pack seems to do the job although it could be a little small for fell running when I might need to pack water proof trousers as well as a jacket. I am a little disappointed with that because it looked bigger on the interweb. It goes to show that it is still much better to go to a real shop to get your hands on the actual product before parting with cash. Still, it should be adequate for shorter runs up to about 6 miles. It was also the first time using my new Peter Storm Jacket in a Bag. I bought this with some trepidation as I knew it wasn’t very breathable but it was cheap at £20. It was a choice of this or a Berghaus Paclite which, at about £150, seemed a stupid amount of money to spend. As predicted, the jacket didn’t breathe well at all but it did keep off the cold rain so, for now, it’s a thumbs up from me.

My cold seems to have disappeared as I felt much better today despite the adverse weather. The only slight niggle was a pain in the back of my thigh from doing squats and lunges earlier in the day. I’m sure it will be fine tomorrow. It was a pretty comfortable run today and I was only slightly off my race pace. It seems I’m getting better at this running lark. That’s good.


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