Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Shoes Smell Nice

I seem to get carried away in sports shops. I only meant to buy normal running shoes and accidentally bought some trail shoes as well. I went to a little shop in Chester called Tri Active which was hidden away down an alley and only about the size of a shoe box itself. However, they were very helpful and analysed my running with the aid of a treadmill and a video camera. It's surprising to see how your ankles deal with all the force put through them. My inner ankles collapse quite badly throughout each stride which in turn is putting extra pressure on the balls of my feet. Hence, the dreaded blisters. What I needed was a shoe that would deal with this overpronation by adding extra support to my inner heel. I finally decided on a couple of pairs of Brooks shoes and got home quickly to try them out.

The weather today was perfect for running. With all the snow and woe of the last few months it feels like years since I have been able to enjoy a clear blue sky and a sun that sticks round long enough to warm everything up a bit. Felt a shame only to run three miles but I know from experience that it’s best to stick to the training plan. I recently changed this running schedule to include some different aspects so today was my first ever interval run. I had planned for 4x400m sprints with 400m jogging in between each. With a warm up and cool down period this would be about three miles.

My first issue was working out how to get my Garmin to set out an interval session. With a bit of confused fiddling I got there. The session seemed to go very quickly. I think this was because short targets kept my mind away from the slightly larger target of actually just finishing the workout. I thought my average speed would drop over the entire workout but it was pretty descent at 10 min/mile. Now I have found my feet in the interval world I feel I could have gone a little faster in some of the sections. Just something to think about for next time.

My new shoes were very comfortable on the feet. However, my legs ache quite a bit. I’m guessing they’re just adapting to the new shoes. No blister pain though. Woohoo.


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