Monday, 15 March 2010

Tea, Biscuits & Darkness

I dislike Sundays. Sundays are the days before Mondays and Mondays mean work until Wednesday evenings. A period throughout which I cannot run. Also, Sundays are days on which I have to catch up on all the things that I haven’t done. Therefore, I usually crash through Sundays in a rage cursing the fact that I can’t spend much more of the day in bed with tea and biscuits. With all these bad vibes that I create for my Sundays I find it difficult to motivate myself to run. I am getting better. Since quitting the booze my head feels a lot clearer on the weekends and I always make sure I have an easy run on the Sunday.

Easy runs always make me feel uneasy. Why can’t I run at my normal pace? Why should I have to make myself run slower when most of the time I try desperately to run faster? Of course, the benefits of giving the legs a bit of a break whilst still getting the blood flowing are very important. Even though I know this I always find the easy runs quite hard. Quite by accident I came upon a solution to this problem on my easy four mile run yesterday night. I had not charged my Garmin watch for some time so, predictably after the first quarter of a mile, all the important information disappeared. Initially I was annoyed but then I realised that it didn’t matter. Even better, I relaxed into the run, listening to my body and ran very comfortably. I wasn’t constantly cross checking how my body felt with the stats from the Garmin. I enjoy having the data and find it invaluable to measure my progress from day to day. However, I think I shall leave all the numbers and statistics at home on my future easy runs. Seems nicer, more relaxed.

Other than my new found enjoyment with night running there is nothing more to report. There is a certain privacy and seclusion to being shrouded in a cloud of dark. Just breath in the headlight, a quiet mist and a brooding sky. Typical that it’s getting lighter in the evenings. Bring back the darkness.


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