Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Don't Cancel the Sky

When I feel tired these days I have to remind myself that it is my mind that’s tired not my body. I had to do that today. The minute I started to run my mind fatigue faded and I felt really great. Today is a Wednesday and Wednesdays are my race pace running days. I have no idea what my race pace is supposed to be because I have never run a race but for now I am saying that it is around the 10 minute per mile mark.

The first two of my four miles today were sluggish. My resting heart rate seemed a bit higher than usual (usually 46bpm) so I thought I might run into problems. However, after a couple of tough hills I managed to get into my stride and run an average of 10.06min/mile.

When I’m struggling on a run I always have to remind myself to look at the view. Like today, at mile three I was going up the kind of steep hill that small cars struggle to get up and my legs hurt and my lungs felt small and weak. Then I looked around and saw the sun had descended to a small gap between the clouds and the sea. Everything in between looked like it was on fire, bathed in orange and red. Whilst I admired the sky and its colour my body seemed to have got the top of the hill without too much more complaining. Just goes to show that the limitations and boundaries my body has set for itself can be overcome with some simple thoughts and a beautiful view.

Unfortunately, the running shoes that I started this year with have started to become a problem. In the last few weeks I have been going on longer runs and have been plagued by blisters on both feet by any run over five miles. To stop this from getting any worse I need to get some new shoes. I have a kind of sentimental attachment to the shoes in which I started to run so it will be sad to see them sent to the shoe graveyard. However, it does mean spending more money on running equipment which is something I enjoy far too much. Whoever thought I would need so much stuff to run so few miles.


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